About Us

Our Philosophy

Manufacturing musical instruments is as much an art as it is to play them. We take pride in being able to produce some of the best quality Indian musical instruments. Our goal has been to serve the aspiring music students and beginners with quality instruments at an affordable price, while maintaining an appetite for professional customers also. The service we offer to the instrument testifies our expertise in the craft.

Our Story

The Harmonium Works

The roots of the store can be traced all the way back to the mid 1960’s, to a workshop where Mr. Venkatesan mastered the art of manufacturing Harmonium. In 1965 he founded Sri Saraswathy Harmonium Works, naming it proudly after his beloved mother. The workshop grew to become one of the two major manufacturers of Harmonium in the region. Together with his sons, Mr. Venkatesan, widely explored and experimented to perfect the instruments. From manufacturing harmoniums, the size of a brief case to making the odd pedal organs, we have left no stone unturned.

The sound quality of our instruments is second to none, and can be attributed to the exquisite care taken in the production - from choosing the right timber for the frame and the right leather for the bellows. Although, Mr. Venkatesan was not trained in music, he had a knack for tuning the reeds by ear with utmost ease. He passed on his skills to his sons, training them in his trade.

Harmoniums That Went Overseas

Being one of the major manufacturers of the Harmoniums and Shruthi Boxes, we supplied to many of the leading stores in the region. Our instruments can be found in many of the Government schools of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. Between 1975 and 1991, we were supplying our products to Thanjavur Music Society.

Although our sales was concentrated in South India, we gradually received clients and contracts from overseas. Our first major overseas order was from South Africa. Later, the small harmoniums, popularised by the famous devotional singer, Pithukuli Murugadoss, took the reign over the Eastern countries. Today, we regularly supply a wide range of our products to a number of Western and Eastern countries.

Enter The Showrooms

While still continuing to manufacture the Harmoniums, we opened our first showroom, Sri Saraswathy Musicals, in 1992. The showroom broadened our expertise to a variety of other instruments including the electronic keyboards. The shop was set up in Madley road, before the subway was constructed. Although the subway eased the railway crossing, it did not help the businesses there, which prompted us to shift to South Usman Road.

The T Nagar shop was set up in 2004. Its location, close to the bust terminus, helped grow our business, and we gradually stepped in to the mainstream retail. We inaugurated our second showroom in 2007 in Arcot Road, Vadapalani, opposite to the Murugan Temple. This showroom was shifted to 100 feet road in 2014.

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