Conga is a tall, narrow drum having its origin in Cuba. Conga is a set of two of three single-headed drums, usually 30 inches in height. The instrument was originally used in Afro Cuban music genres such as Rumba and Conga. Initially, each drum was played by an individual, while today, one drummer plays two or three drums of the Conga. The skin of the Conga is made of goat skin and is fastened to the body with a rim and a set of clamps similar to that of the Bongos. The instrument is mounted on a stand and is placed on the floor. Tumba and Quinta are the larger and smaller variant of the Conga family. 

Tumba offers the bass tone required for the rhythm, while the Conga and Quinta produce the mid and high range for the melodic requirement of the music. Usually, in an ensemble, the Conga is tuned a third or perfect fourth above the Tumba.

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