Veena Service

We specialize at repair and restoration of Veena and Tampura. The services we offer include

  • Replacing strings
  • Filing pegs
  • Filing frets
  • Redoing wax melam
  • Installing fiber melam
  • Installing tuning keys
  • Fixing cracks and broken kudam
  • Polishing

Harmonium Service

We offer the best service for Harmoniums and Shruthi Boxes of all kinds. Some of the services we provide are

  • Bellows re-fixing
  • Bedding works for keys
  • Adjusting the temper of the keys
  • Fixing air leaks in bellows and cabinet
  • Replacing broken plastic keys
  • Tuning
  • Polishing

Violin & Guitar Service

Some of the services we provide for Violins are

  • Changing strings
  • Setting up bridge
  • Filing pegs
  • Fixing sound post
  • Installing pick-ups
  • Fixing broken necks
  • Re-polishing 

Some of the services we provide for Guitars are

  • Changing strings
  • Adjusting the action
  • Installing pick-ups
  • Repairing broken keys
  • Re-installing bridge

Percussion Instrument Service

We undertake repair jobs for all percussion instruments like Mirudangam, Tabala, Thavil, Urumi, Dolak, Bangos, Congo etc. We also take up repairs for Bass Drums, Side Drums, Tape etc.

  • Changing skins or mootu
  • Changing the var
  • Replacing var with bolt nuts
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